Amazing Plant Stands

If you’re looking at this article, you most likely love having lots and lots of plants in your home. Having plants in your own home is all the rage these days. It’s easy to bring in the organic element and texture and beauty by simply adding plants

Plants in your home are not only trendy, they can also help improve the air quality in your home!

To add even more interest to your plant collection, you can add plant stands to the mix.

What can you use for a plant stand?
Plant stands can be made in a number of ways. The most common material used to build plant stands is wood as you can build it to match your pots and it can be painted and stained as needed. In addition, you can upgrade various used items such as old drawers, stools, baskets, chairs, etc. to build your own plant stand.

How tall should a plant stand be?
The height of a plant stand depends on many factors, the most important being the location and size of the plants. You may want to use lower plant stands for taller plants and taller plant stands for smaller plants. Or you might want to create a varied look and mix it up. It really just depends on your setup.