Artificial Grass Garden Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Don’t have time to maintain your garden but want to enjoy a beautiful landscape after work? Use artificial grass in your Tracy garden to create the minimalist outdoor space of your dreams!

With artificial grass, you don’t have to spend your weekends mowing the lawn and spraying weed killer. All you have to do is put a chair in front of the door, sip your morning coffee and look out at the relaxing, beautiful landscape.

4 minimalist garden designs with artificial grass
Gone are the days of manicured hedges and ostentatious backyard decorations. People now love the elegant and stylish appearance of a low-maintenance, minimalist garden.

In addition to its calming effects, minimalist designs are suitable for all garden sizes, require less money, and require little to no maintenance, especially if you install artificial grass.

Looking at your garden shouldn’t stress you out and make you think about the tasks at hand. It is designed to take away the stress and bring you the inner peace you need.

Here are four creative landscaping ideas with artificial grass to achieve that minimalist vibe.

1. Bring some planters for installing artificial grass
Instead of boring concrete, why not cover the surface of your garden with Tracy artificial grass to add a touch of green? Then complete the elegant look with black or white planters that house at least three different types of green plant species.

You can place planters directly on the artificial grass without affecting the shape of the blades. You don’t have to worry about the grass drowning and liquids accumulating when you water the plants. Artificial turf has an excellent drainage system that eliminates puddles of water in seconds.

2. Create a comfortable lounge area with artificial grass
Create a seating area with simple benches and mini tables in neutral tones to give off a minimalist aura. Place them on your professionally installed artificial turf so you can sit there every morning and feel the natural grass beneath your feet.

Mowing, weeding and watering are not necessary to keep the grass lush and maintain its cropped appearance. A little brushing or leaf blowing is enough to remove dust and fallen leaves.

3. Place it on limestone or wood
Find out the best artificial grass providers in Tracy and use their help to seamlessly install artificial grass on stone or wooden floors to create a green walkway.

Manufacturers produce artificial turf from sturdy nylon materials that can withstand heavy foot traffic and even the scorching heat of the sun.

4. Make an empty green space in the middle
Keep hard materials, furniture, and container pots to a minimum to achieve the clean, simple look of minimalism.

After covering the entire garden with artificial grass, line the edges with planters or the corners with tall, stylish pots. Then reserve the center as a meditation area.

Sitting and lying on the artificial turf is safe – even for pets and children – because it does not harbor pests that can bite you or pollen that can cause allergies.