Balcony Garden Ideas That Prove Anyone Can Create One

When we imagine a garden, most of us probably imagine a wildly idyllic country oasis or a pristine suburban backyard where there is plenty of space. However, you don’t have to have enough square footage to create a dreamy garden landscape – the balcony of your house will do well. Thanks to a little creativity and innovation, balcony gardens can accommodate more plants than you might expect.

When designing the balcony garden of your dreams, there are many ways to maximize greenery, colorful flowers, and fragrant herbs. Your options include creating lush living walls, installing vertical or railing planters, planting container gardens, and even working with a trellis or two. You’ll save money starting your garden from scratch instead of buying mature plants, which will be worth the wait (promise!). However, if you can no longer live without a lush balcony garden, the good news is that the limited space will make it fairly easy to stay on budget. Read on to find inspiration for designing the mini green space you never thought your city apartment could have.