Beautiful Flower Bed and Raised Bed Ideas

Raised beds offer several practical benefits, including the ability to more easily control soil composition and easier access to your plants. But raised beds can be as stylish as they are functional. The only real rule of raised bed gardening is to use your imagination to create raised beds that complement your landscape. You can purchase raised bed kits that are easy to assemble or build your own raised beds that cost little money.

The above example of a raised bed or vegetable garden shows the orderly, formal design that these beds can bring to a setting. Simple wooden frames made from rot-resistant lumber ensure years of growing success. Raised beds are suitable for intensive gardening techniques such as interplanting, successional planting and square meter gardening. Keep checking out more raised bed ideas.

If you want to create a small garden in your garden or near your home to grow vegetables and fruits or different types of flowers, it is worth thinking about a raised bed.

Raised beds and planters can solve a number of problems. They make marking the space between the lawn and garden very easy and eliminate the need to plow the soil. You can build them high off the ground to protect your knees or back.

They also improve drainage. If your soil is sandy or mostly heavy clay, raised beds filled with the exact soil mix you want make planting a breeze. Raised beds also warm up faster than garden beds, which is ideal if you live in a cold climate and want to maximize the number of growing days per year. And a bonus: They’re easy to fence in, keeping your valuable plants away from hungry garden visitors like rabbits!

There are countless raised bed garden kits that you can purchase and assemble yourself. But many designs can be made more cost-effectively using recycled or reused materials, or even plain lumber from the hardware store. And with a DIY design, you can make it as simple or complex as you like, making it fit better in your garden.

If you don’t have room for traditional raised beds in your garden, there are many variations of the idea that work for compact spaces like a small patio, patio or balcony. Vertical growing towers, window boxes and wall planters also provide planting space for growing everything from lettuce and herbs to violets and petunias.

We’ve put together a few easy raised bed garden ideas that don’t require an engineering degree to create. With a few basic tools and a weekend afternoon or two, you can create these raised bed gardens for your own backyard. You can follow the tutorials or get inspiration from them for your own designs.