Beautiful water garden ideas

A container water garden is a great way to create a miniature wildlife oasis and bring the sound of moving water into your landscape without the space, time, or energy required for an underground water feature. Containerized water gardens are easy to create and maintain. They are miniature water gardens that house plants, birds, frogs and insects. You can even place some small fish in it to add another interesting element. This article offers inspirational container water garden ideas, tips on caring for them, and easy DIY instructions.

What is a container water garden?
A container water garden is basically a mini water garden. It is a small pond contained in a decorative vessel. Container gardeners know how growing in pots simplifies the gardening process and reduces gardener maintenance (no weeds!). The same goes for water gardens in pots. They are low maintenance and easy to set up. Within a few weeks, your mini water garden will become an established habitat for water-loving creatures, and you’ll look forward to spending the evenings sipping wine while listening to the background sound of the running water from your mini pond.