Courtyard Garden Designs

A courtyard is a great outdoor space that you can easily transform into something special. Whether you have a large or small area to work with, there are many simple things you can do to completely transform your outdoor space. Let’s look at some ideas, tips and tricks on how to transform a regular old courtyard into a unique outdoor space.

Have fun greening your courtyard
Green is an effective, revitalizing addition to any living space. Creating a garden (or at least the atmosphere of a garden) helps bring outdoor living spaces, large or small, to life. There are different ways to incorporate green plants. Here are some popular options.

Climbing plants/trellises
In courtyards there is usually little space for green space, so climbing plants and trellises are always a good choice.

If you have brick walls, you may want to try plants or vines that easily climb and cling to the walls, such as creeping figs, star jasmine, clematis, or even a passion fruit vine. However, keep in mind that some plants may need to be trained and supported with a trellis-like structure before climbing the walls themselves.

If you prefer to grow your plants on trellises, there are many great options for the climbing plants and the trellis itself. Bougainvillea, trumpet vine, pea vine, wisteria and clematis are popular options for climbers. Trellis come in a variety of materials and styles, from wire and wood to lattice or decorative wrought iron, and can help set the overall theme or look of your outdoor space.

Vertical (wall-mounted) gardens
Another non-ground plant option is a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are miniature gardens made entirely of small wall-mounted containers or pots. A vertical garden is a great way to save floor space while creating an attractive wall. All you have to do is attach some sturdy brackets to one of your walls and fill it with beautiful greenery.