Creative DIY Wood Crate Projects And Ideas

We have shared with you many DIY projects that do not require any special skills or special materials and tools. For most of them, you just need a creative approach and the desire to create something unique. And of course, to get messy…

Today we’re going to show you quick, easy and inexpensive DIY with wooden crates. You can reuse them and convert them into furniture such as bookshelves, tables, benches or turn them into storage solutions with a lot of rustic appeal.

All the inspiring DIY wooden crate projects and ideas are simple and most importantly, budget-friendly. Another benefit of incorporating the wooden crates into your decor is that they can be customized to suit your own style – shabby chic, rustic, vintage, farmhouse, even contemporary.

When it comes to durability, the boxes are surprisingly sturdy. The wood material they originally made is intended to handle heavy objects, so their new design ensures strength and quality.

1. Stack boxes to create a bookshelf

Beautify your bedroom with a portable standing shelf #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Turn old boxes on their sides and stack them. In no time you will have a new shelf for your bedroom or living room. Use the sides of the boxes for storage or add more sections in the middle to increase the number of shelves.

Not only will you make your home cleaner and more organized, but you’ll also enjoy a space-saving storage system with a wonderfully rustic charm.

above Dream a little bigger

2. Table display in natural box shape

Beautiful wooden crate for interior accents #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This tray was made to add the finishing aesthetic touch to the modern farmhouse decor of the living room. The bottom part of a box is well sanded to remove dirt, edges and damage.

The use of the tray can vary – from a useful serving unit to a table centerpiece that maintains vintage accents for a greater decorative effect.

above Open doors, open hearts

3. Non-permanent box fixtures

Built-ins rethought #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

If you want to spruce up your bedroom without having to drastically remodel it, consider wooden crates as a source of inspiration for affordable shelving. When stacked and hung on the wall above the bed, they create an integrated design without actually having to be built in.

If you don’t already have boxes, head to the local dollar store where you can find new boxes for around $10 each. This great idea might inspire you to add a storage shelf around the TV in the living room.

above East Coast Creative Blog

4. DIY pet cage bed

Cozy Pet Sleeping Box #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Do you have a small breed or young dog? This DIY crate project is as much about convenience as it is about the comfort of your interior design.

A wooden crate is converted into a cozy pet bed with its own soft cushion and a cute charm on the front. To make access easier, two of the slats are removed.

above The Inspired Beehive

5. Add storage space to a firewood bin

Cozy winters with a larger firewood storage #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This is a DIY firewood rack that can be placed indoors next to the fireplace or outside if you prefer to store the logs outside.

The structure of the shelf is reminiscent of the design of a chest of drawers. But instead of drawers, the author opts for boxes that offer more storage space.

The wooden organizer is located at the bottom of the shelf. It offers space for as many logs as you need for your daily fireplace supply. Placed on the porch, you don’t have to worry about dirt accumulating on the living room floor.

above Inspired to make your own

6. Multifunctional TV stand

Stacked TV and Storage Stand by Crate Creations #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

If you haven’t decided where the TV will stay in your new home, you can use boxes as temporary stands until you decide.

Four boxes are stacked in two rows to create a sturdy stand for the television that also provides open storage space for magazines, DVDs and remote controls.

In addition to being budget-friendly, this piece of furniture is also very attractive, so you may be able to convert it into a permanent TV stand solution.

above Cashmere and check

7. Storage box on wheels

Creating a Movable Laundry Crate #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Equip a box with wheels on the bottom and quickly create a portable storage unit. Its small footprint and sturdy design make it a universal storage box that can hold heavy items such as laundry, cleaning supplies, etc.

above Beauty for ashes

8. Ottoman for storing boxes

Creating a stool with storage #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

A vintage milk crate is transformed into a unique ottoman that will fascinate with its functionality and style! No sewing is required, just the fabric is stapled to a piece of foam the size of a sheet of plywood that covers the top.

Such a great idea can be an inspiration for increasing the seating area in the living room or even outside on the porch.

above Jennifer decorated

9. Add PVC for toy organization

Creative storage for kids car collection #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Combine recycling with fun and make a great toy car organizer together with your children. This clever project uses a wooden box you already have on hand or picked up from the dollar store and toilet paper rolls.

This organizer offers numerous special compartments for storage and can be helpful in sorting other identical but small items such as jewelry, scarves and socks.

above Frugal fun 4 boys and girls

10. Incorporate a light

Creative storage and lighting elements #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This multifunctional crate project gives you additional wall storage space and a lighting function in one. A hole is drilled on one side of the box to make room for the light bulb socket with cable.

The positioning of the bulb mimics the design of a light fixture. Still, it looks very unique due to the clean and simple design combined with the farmhouse style of the shelf.

above A joyful uprising

11. Two-shelf trolley

Creative wooden crate stand for hobby storage #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

If you like reading books or collecting magazines, you need a lot of space to keep them neat and tidy.

A crate is turned on its side up and then comes with wheels to make cleaning and transport easier if necessary. The wood can be previously treated with paint or stain if you want it to match the color of the interior or if the room lacks an interesting point.

above The Shabby Creek Cottage

12. Decorate a hanging box for convenient storage

Custom-made and functional crate #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

If you’re addicted to organization, you’ll love this crate upcycling project! Not only because DIY is super easy and fun, but also because it makes your entryway more organized, especially the smallest items that belong to that room.

A box becomes a key organizer in no time – by inserting screw hooks on the bottom. Depending on the decor of your entryway, you can paint the box a color that complements the surroundings, or you can use the wood canvas to add accents that enhance the interior style. Then simply hang the key organizer on the wall.

above Kammy’s corner

13. Build your own custom shoe rack

Custom wooden shoe rack built from scratch #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Having enough space for your shoes is a dream come true for every woman. This means you can inexpensively convert an Ikea storage unit into a shoe rack or upcycle crates into a storage compartment.

Either way, you get an interesting design and lots of compartments for neatly storing many pairs of shoes.

If boxes are used, you can experiment with the positioning and orientation of each box to add visual interest to the room.

above Jen Woodhouse

14. Pretty painted boxes for children’s storage

Decorative storage for a child's room #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Paint the inside of the wooden crates in bright colors to match the cheerful decor of your child’s room. The stacked boxes can be positioned in a pattern that matches the size of the empty space.

Use them to store toys, as a book organizer, as a sorter for Lego sets, why not also to store clothes? Their open concept ensures easy access for your children and teaches them to be more independent and organized.

above Smart schoolhouse

15. The divided crate is the perfect utensil organizer

Diner's Delight painted vintage crate organizer #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This is an old bottle crate with thick walls that was saved to become a useful part of the household again.

The wood is refreshed with white paint, making the surfaces look clean. A cute inscription about the kitchen is written using a stencil and this upcycling box is transformed into an individual piece.

above Addison Meadows Lane

16. Add drawer hardware for a standing cabinet

DIY closet with sliding box drawers #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

The design of the boxes is so durable and attractive that it becomes the inspiration for making a brand new cabinet with box-shaped pull-out drawers.

The boxes slide into place on slide rails, making it easier to access the items contained and protecting storage. The structure consists of ladder-like sides and thick square boards that cap it off at the top and bottom.

After the model is assembled, there are many options for its final appearance. In case a rustic atmosphere is desired, it can be worn. It can be painted a light color if you want it to add a pop of color to a more neutral interior. Decoupage and whitewashing are other surface treatment techniques that can give this furniture a more personalized look.

above Sweet pea

17. Tiered storage in a colorful entryway

DIY colorful mudroom cubbies #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Placing wooden boxes on the wall gives you extra storage space even when space is limited.

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To make this DIY crate project more interesting, paint each crate a different color to coordinate with the interior decor. Why not cover it with a paint in the favorite color of the person the box is dedicated to?

above Thea’s mania

18. Upgrade a humble box with cottage paper

DIY Shabby Chic Side Table #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

The author was looking for a unique way to add more shabby chic touch to her interior and that’s when she came up with the idea of ​​building a wooden box from scratch.

Inspired by the reclaimed wooden box projects, she makes a brand new wooden slat box. The interior is covered with wallpaper with floral motifs, creating an easy connection with the typical shabby chic elements.

above Le Blog De Bea

19. Movable side table

DIY side table on wheels #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

A box is recycled into a bookshelf for magazines. The wheels at the bottom make it a very practical storage furniture that can easily change its place and use.

This DIY project can become a side table and bookshelf in one by attaching a sheet of plywood to the top of the box so there are no openings.

20. Corral Items With A Crate Toy Box

DIY toy box on wheels #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

In most projects, a crate is converted into a storage unit with wheels as this gives the unit the freedom to change its location and function.

This idea is about how a box can be used and decorated in a child’s room to have a cheerful and childlike design. And although toy boxes can be quite expensive, with the idea of ​​storage in a box you can have a large compartment for less than $10.

above Addicted 2 DIY

21. Cozy bed for your furry friend

Durable DIY pet bed #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This is another pet bed design made from a crate. The upper slats on three sides are removed. All slats of the fourth bed are removed to serve as an entrance to the bed.

The author decided to put the bed on wheels so that it could be moved to different rooms as needed. The wood has been whitewashed to give a country look and to provide a clean canvas for writing the dog’s name.

above Icing at home

22. Add some whimsy to the kids’ boxes

Easy DIY personalized toy boxes #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Children need a lot of storage space and if you are looking for containers that are inexpensive and themed, crates come in handy. You can use old or store-bought pieces. Since their external appearance is completely changed, their original appearance does not pose a problem.

Sand wooden surfaces well to ensure they are safe. You can add wheels to the bottom for children to play with.

Paint the boxes white and then draw cute faces and patterns on them. These boxes can be used as toy containers at night and as a fun train to play with when the kids wake up.

above A bubbly life

23. Pretty patterned planter

Exotic wood for interior design

Have you seen small boxes used for decoration? They often hold flowers, candles and glasses. And while this type of holder is the perfect table centerpiece for a romantic wedding, it can also bring tons of delicate atmosphere to any home’s interior.

If you haven’t seen such small boxes in stores, you can try making them yourself from pallet slats or lathes. Sand the surface well before applying paint or stain. Use stencils to embellish the wood in a unique way, or leave the wood in its natural color to make it even more rustic.

above Amy Latta Creations

24. Keep counters clean by storing snacks in boxes

Exotic wooden snack box for kids #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a convenient way to store the “forbidden” snacks for your children? Limit the number of packages in a cute and fun way by storing them in a stylish wooden box.

The snack box follows the design of a box. The difference is the thick side where fun words can be written on a board and the open top where kids can actually get the snacks.

above Create My Love 2

25. The decorative box holds all your treasures

Free up your bookshelf with a stylish storage box #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

With just a few pallet slats you can make this stylish storage box. It can be used in many ways – to store books, makeup and bath essentials. It can be a plant holder or simply a rustic centerpiece for the table or mantel.

And if you’re wondering if the images were originally on the pallet slats, you’ll find an answer in the tutorial below. They were transferred to the wood using simple wax paper.

above A piece of rainbow

26. Add a shelf and casters for a stylish side table

From boxes to console tables #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This is a rolling console that combines rustic beauty and modern functionality. Made entirely of boxes, the unit features 9 open shelves to store home accessories such as remote controls, chargers, books, etc.

An additional wooden beam was added to the top to close the gaps between the slats of the boxes and make the top another usable space.

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Since it has a rustic appeal, decorate it with items that enhance it. This idea can be applied to any room where there is a need for more storage space, but there are certain limits.

Especially in the entrance area, this type of console can organize the shoes and bags on a vertical level that only covers a very small part of the floor.

27. Stack boxes for a simple nightstand

From the wooden box to the rustic bedside table #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Do you need a bedside table? This idea comes with a limited budget but doesn’t mean it compromises with the function and overall look of the bedroom. On the contrary, the end effect is fantastic, especially when it complements other pieces of furniture or accents in the room.

Two boxes are stacked on top of each other with glue to hold them securely together. Depending on the interior design of your room, you may want to change the color. Then simply arrange some decorative items, put up a reading lamp and enjoy the quick and easy bedside table you made.

above Just real mothers

28. Wall boxes for vertical storage

Floating Fruit Crate Display Shelf #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

If your bathroom is small but you want to make it comfortable and organized, you need to think vertically. There are many floating shelves sold in stores. However, if you’re looking for a more unique effect, do it with boxes.

You can use any type of crate as long as it is intact. Attach it to the wall with suitable fittings and then start placing the bathroom essentials. If it is near the bathtub, you may want to store cosmetics, towels, and candles.

If you used the wall above the toilet, turn the box into a toilet paper roll shelf.

above Condo blues

29. DIY bank storage project

Functional Furniture: Crate Bench Project #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

The crates are the source of many outdoor furniture DIY projects due to their durability and strength of the wooden material.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to group three boxes to create the foundation for a porch bench. Additional boards are mounted on the top and bottom to make the structure more stable and also give the bench more functionality.

The bottom board is equipped with wooden legs cut from posts. The surface is flat and smooth and can be used for seating, as a plant stand or simply as a display for seasonal decorations.

above Surgery at home

30. Get artistic with decorative garden boxes

Garden project DIY planter box #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Do you have a garden? This handcrafted wooden box is an attractive and useful planter box. Made from reclaimed pallet slats, it can be customized to the size you want and depending on the greenery you want to plant.

The outside of the box was painted in a garden color and with images to show how much effort and attention is given to the plants.

above Flowerbed farmhouse

31. Movable Crate Storage Case

Rolling stool for the holidays #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

With this storage stool, think about how to clear the mess after your children play, how to put all their things in one place and how to combine this storage furniture with the living room decor.

Well, this DIY crate project is the height of creativity. The rolling wheels on the bottom make collecting toys much more pleasant. It is quite large for storing bulkier toys. The best part: When the lid is closed, it becomes an additional seat.

above Chaotically creative

32. Easy Crate Indoor Planter

Christmas Houseplant Gift Box #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This crate idea is perfect for welcoming nature indoors. Thanks to the wire sides that let in sun and air, the planter box can also be used as a planter. It offers space for up to three small pots.

Grow green plants, ornamental grasses, succulents and blooming flowers in it and make the living room much more inviting by placing the box opposite the door.

An alternative use we recommend is to make it your indoor vegetable garden planter. Grow your fresh herbs indoors and enjoy the taste of fresh spices added to home-cooked meals.

above Salvaged diving

33. Attach legs for a stylish table

Inexpensive and stylish side table #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This side table impresses with its vintage look and the great decoration it shows. DIY starts with a wooden box. The dowel legs are attached to one of its sides with screws. To match the rustic look of the box, they are stained dark.

The accents placed on the box create an amazing contrast to the existing decor and make the entire set a beautiful eye-catcher.

above eHow

34. Stackable book storage

Innovative living room bookshelf #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This DIY crate project is very easy. Stack three or more boxes on top of each other to create a shelf. The color of the storage furniture and the accents depend on the interior design of the room in which you plan to use it.

Use wallpaper on the inside to hide the gaps between the crate’s slats and give the piece a custom look.

above Sewing a lot of noise

35. Let the Slats make a statement

Make a shelf statement in your living room #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

For those of you who are bolder and like the idea of ​​turning a blank wall into a statement wall, here is a practical idea on how to do it using boxes.

Many boxes are alternately attached to a blank wall to create a collage of boxes with open storage. The wood was pre-painted black to contrast with the white wall and create a playful zebra color pattern.

Combine the statement wall with matching decorative accents such as a rug, pots, pillows, etc.

above The happy thought

36. Toy cart with box

Movable toy container for kids #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This is another toy bin idea that will clear rooms of your children’s scattered toys. To ensure that not only adults collect the toy, it is equipped with wheels. Children can pull the bin through the handle slot and easily transport it to the next stop.

An interesting idea of ​​the project is attaching a framed label to each of the boxes to make sorting easier.

above The DIY dreamer

37. Paint a stylish box for storage

Multifunctional storage box for organization #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This DIY crate box is not just a storage place. It’s a practical way to take your favorite throws with you wherever you go – be it in the bedroom or on the porch when the temperatures drop at night.

Also make this functional container beautiful by decorating its outer surface. Use paints, stains, decoupage napkins and ribbons.

above The palette muse

38. Simple outdoor coffee table

Outdoor coffee table with storage #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Do you need a functional coffee table for your porch? If you build a table out of boxes, you can store things like books, flower pots, drinks, and snacks there. In addition, its footprint is small, so it can fit even on the smallest porch.

For this coffee table design, you will need four boxes, lumber, and casters. The key to the table’s storage function is the correct arrangement of the boxes. This means that their opening must face outwards and the bottom of the boxes must face back to back.

The boxes are connected together in a sturdy composite structure, with a wooden frame outlining the future coffee table base. Use a staple gun to connect the pieces and a screwdriver to attach the casters to the frame.

above Feel chic

39. Indoor flower pots

Portable crate for indoor shrubs #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This is another design for a plant holder in the shape of a crate box. The author has combined white and gold to create a beautiful rustic planter. The added handles are functional but serve more or less to anchor the farmhouse presence.

In summer, vases or jars with cut flowers can be stored in such a box. In winter they can be replaced with artificial flower arrangements. The boxes are also perfect for seasonal decorations like small pumpkins when fall is just around the corner.

above Petticoat crossing

40. Make use of the storage space under the bed

Reimagine bedroom storage with boxes #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This custom-made bed was designed to meet the owners’ expectations for comfort, functionality and individual style. The mattress, made exclusively from lumber, rests on a wooden structure.

The bottom is hollow so there is room for four boxes on either side of the bed frame. Various items such as blankets, pillows and books can be stored in these containers.

above 99 pallets

41. Mid-century iron legged box table

Repurposed Living Room Side Table #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Remember the idea for a side table made from a box that sits on dowel legs? This DIY side table is almost the same except for the wooden surface and the type of legs.

The aim of this project is to combine rustic elements with industrial, modern elements. The hairpin legs are attached to an additional beam with screws to support the wider side of the box.

Before all the parts were assembled, the box was additionally defaced with paint. The images were painted using stencils to give it an authentic custom look.

above Mixed creations

42. Clever wine storage solution

Convert crates into wine racks #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This crate project provides a special place for wine lovers’ wine collection. Even if you’re not one of them, you’ll appreciate the clever idea behind this repurposing project.

Inside the box, cross-sections are arranged diagonally, creating four triangular compartments for secure arrangement of the wine bottles. Another advantage of this wine station is the flat surface of the box side. If there is no space for your wine glass, use the box as a side table.

above Hatch and Haven

43. Children’s books hang in halved boxes

Simple and unexpected book storage #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

No tutorial is required for this crate project. It’s enough to be inspired by the endless uses of the boxes by simply experimenting with their position.

In this case, they have become additional storage areas to save space. When attached to an empty part of a wall, they can accommodate heavier and bulkier items such as books.

above BHG

44. Stack for vertical or horizontal storage

Simple and versatile DIY wooden crate bookshelf #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This bookcase is designed to make organizing books in your child’s room easier. The boxes are arranged in a pattern that is visually interesting and ensures the storage of books of different sizes.

Before stacking the boxes, each one was stained dark to give it a rustic look. This shelf design can be used in any room where additional open storage space is needed and where the interior needs to be made more inviting.

above Tara Michelle

45. Coloring adds sophistication

Stunning and stained box storage center #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Here is an idea for a smaller bookcase suitable for an empty wall in the living room. The additional dark stain applied to the wood creates a warm contrast to the neutral interior.

It is designed to add interest to an empty wall and provide storage space for decorations that transform the living room into a more inviting place.

above DIY craft corner

46. ​​Add graphics for fun table boxes

Table DIY wooden crate projects #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

To make this wooden box you will need pallet slats, which are pre-sanded until the wood becomes smooth. Apply a thin coat of stain to even out the color of the wood and ensure overall contrast for the transferred images.

In this case they were applied to the wood using the transfer process using wax paper. A similar effect can be achieved using stencils or decoupage paper.

above A piece of rainbow

47. DIY desk storage with boxes

The ultimate upcycle: wooden crate desk #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Working from home is very trendy these days. With this cool idea of ​​reusing wooden boxes, you can create a cozy work corner at home without spending a lot of money. Especially if this home office isn’t a permanent workspace, you’ll be looking for more budget-friendly ideas that will look great once you stop using that corner as much.

You will need 8 old boxes for the entire project. Four of them form the supports of the desk, the other four serve as shelves above the desk. Three long beams join together to create a continuous, smooth work surface on which the computer can be securely positioned.

Use the openings in the bottom boxes to store files, printer paper, etc.

above Upcycled wonders

48. Add vintage buttons to jewelry storage

Unique Upcycles: Wooden Crate Jewelry Displays #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Do you need a special jewelry organizer? With this idea, you can make more than one organizer using boxes you already have on hand or find on sale. The boxes do not have to be in perfect condition because they serve as carriers and not as actual holders.

Storage of the jewelry is ensured by screwing vintage knobs, handles and handles to the wooden surface. The combination of these two ancient elements creates a unique end result.

above 9000 things

49. DIY storage coffee table

Upcycled elegance: a DIY coffee table #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

Take advantage of the functionality of the DIY crate-shaped coffee table and complement it with your living room decor to enjoy its unique, rustic design.

It was assembled from brand new boxes, but a dark stain was applied to achieve the vintage look. The orientation of the boxes is very important because it makes the table more than just a serving surface. Any opening in a box can be used for storage if it faces forward.

A hole is quickly used in the middle of the arrangement – to accommodate a beautiful flower and strengthen the connection with nature.

above Hatch and Haven

50. Add wall storage in the bathroom

Use crates to expand your bathroom shelves #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

If you like the style of basket storage, you can enhance their visual impact by placing them in boxes. This type of wall storage unit is perfect for any room where space is limited but organization is a must.

Use the boxes as shelves in the bathroom to neatly organize your towels and bathroom utensils. Attached to the wall in the laundry room, you can store detergent. Hung on the wall above the toilet, you quickly get additional storage space for toilet paper rolls.

above Compare my move

51. Stylish details create an industrial flair

Wine storage box for your wet bar #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

If you like the idea of ​​a crate side table but your interior is influenced by the industrial style, here is an idea on how to combine the farmhouse crate with industrial pipes to create an outstanding piece of auxiliary furniture.

Copper pipes are connected together with elbows and then painted black to match the color combination of the room. The box is hung on the newly made legs using brackets and screws.

above Purpose-built

52. Organized entryway with box storage

Stacked wooden crate entryway shelves #diywoodcrateprojects #diywoodcrateideas #decorhomeideas

This is what a box shelf in the entrance area can look like – great! Three boxes are painted white to ensure maximum airiness in this small part of the house and then stacked on top of each other.

Since they have openings, the author decided to store the items in baskets in a more organized manner. The combination of wooden boxes and rattan baskets creates a harmonious farmhouse storage unit without taking up floor space.

above Aimee Weaver

53. Coca-Cola crate repurposed

Reused Coca-Cola crate

via Refresh Restyle