Flower Tire Planter Ideas for Your Yard

They are not easy to dispose of because they are large and heavy. Luckily, with a big boost in recycling, most tires are recycled.

But just because tire recycling exists doesn’t mean you can recycle your own tires in your yard by using tires for planters or creating tire gardens.

You can start small with your first batch of two or four used tires and build up from there.

It couldn’t be easier. You can paint the tires or leave them as they are. Our hoop planter gallery below shows many ways to use hoops to create flower planters or even hoop gardens.

You can use them as standalone planters, stack them into cascading planters, create a giant vegetable garden, hang them on a wall or fence, and/or do the scattered hoop garden style.

The tires can be used lying flat or standing.

I personally like them painted because colored tires look better than black tires.

It will add more color to your garden and will not only become a functional garden item but also add aesthetic value to your garden.