Furniture Ideas For A Rustic Home

From Tuscan furniture to cottages and farmhouses, rustic-inspired furniture and décor comes in a myriad of different design styles. No matter what design style you prefer, there are a few elements you can incorporate into your home design to create a rustic-inspired home, House Beautiful explains. With the rustic furnishings, value is placed on the use of old, rough or robust materials from nature, which provide a casual and cozy feeling. The furniture in rustic-inspired homes tends to be large and handcrafted to enhance the sense of coziness, and these spaces are often centered around a stone fireplace.

Natural and neutral color palettes are typically used for rustic-inspired homes. Colors like green, cream, brown, gray and darker colors are most commonly used to create a cozy feel. The rougher and rougher fabrics used in this style, such as jute, canvas, and animal skins, help create a sense of warmth and a connection with nature. More modern versions of the rustic design feature some metal touches to give the space a more contemporary vibe. However, the traditional rustic design does without metal and plastic. Incorporating some of these elements into your design can create a rustic-inspired home.