Industrial Interior Design: Best Tips for Mastering Your Rustic Industrial Decor Style

Industrial interior design is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after styles today. Rustic industrial decorations are particularly popular. What makes this style so special is its seemingly unfinished character coupled with more polished elements – a beautiful mix! When it comes time to put it into practice, it can be difficult to recreate that mix of highs and lows in a way that feels harmonious… but we’re here to help! Read on for expert designer tips and tricks to help you create a seamless rustic industrial interior style.

What is Industrial Interior Design?

Originally, industrial interior design belonged to old warehouses converted into urban lofts. During this redesign, the architectural elements of the buildings were left exposed. Think iron or wooden beams, brick walls, cement floors, plumbing and large windows. All of this formed the basis for a raw, yet beautiful style.

And of course, these unrefined features fit perfectly with the rustic interior design style and result in a popular industrial decor style mix – rustic industrial interior design. From the typical neutral color palette to the preference for used-look materials, a rustic industrial style feels relaxed and inviting. And since imperfections are a sought-after quality, this style is also one that can be easily recreated – no storage space required.