Kokedama Plant Care

Eden Gardens prides itself on being a leader in plant retail and always staying one step ahead. That’s why we’ve had kokedama balls in stock for many years. For those who are unfamiliar with kokedama, you have probably seen them and recognize them as moss balls. It is a Japanese form that uses a ball made of koke (ball) and dama (moss) containing the roots of the plant and tied together with string, soil and moss to form a living ball.

Decorating a room with kokedama is a chance to add a new dimension to your living area. Hanging plants add an effortless touch to rooms, and you can create your own kokedama jungle by hanging numerous kokedama at different heights – a vibrant collection that not only looks great, but purifies the air too! If you prefer a single specimen, kokedama also look good in a beautiful stone or marble bowl, where they can make a coffee table unique.

Take care of your kokedama

Like any living creature, the kokedama needs water, light and food. If you take good care of your kokedama, it can last for many years and live happily under the right conditions.

You’ll know when your kokedama needs to be watered if the ball feels dry and light when you pick it up. The type of plant you have will determine how often you should water your kokedama. That’s why it’s important not to water too much. Make sure you get to know your plants and their care needs. For more information, see our kokedama plant guide below.

To water your kokedama, follow these simple steps:

Place your kokedama in a bucket or bowl filled with water.
Allow the moss ball to fully submerge and soak for 10-20 minutes, or until the ball feels heavy.
Remove from the bucket and carefully squeeze out excess water.
Allow it to drain before displaying it again.
Water more often in summer and less in winter – most plants do well in bright, indirect sunlight.


Kokedama balls can also benefit from being misted once or twice a week to prevent them from drying out too quickly. This increases humidity and is ideal for tropical plants.

How to feed your kokedama

The easiest way is to feed your kokedama with liquid fertilizer, which you can add once a month when soaking it in a bucket. Flowering plants benefit from additional potassium to promote flower formation. Therefore, using Thrive for Flower and Fruit is great for these plants, but green leafy plants work well for We the Wild, an organic option.

Kokedama update

Over time, your kokedama string may biodegrade and break. This is a normal process. Your options are to either plant your plant in a pot and remove the string, or if you would like to keep your kokedama as a ball, take it back to your local Eden or Gro store and book a kokedama freshener. The staff will have it looking new again in a few days!