Most Creative Indoor Garden Ideas In Under The Stairs

Are you a fan of indoor gardening but don’t know where to start one? Then how about turning the space under the stairs into an indoor garden?

Usually the space under the stairs is left empty or converted into a storage room. However, you can convert it into a closet, pantry, mini library, dog house, mini bar or indoor garden. Creating an indoor garden under the stairs is a unique idea for those who enjoy being an amateur gardener. It brings greenery into the room and is a good place to relax for your family and friends. In addition, the care will not affect your everyday life.

To help you beautifully redesign the space under the stairs, we’ve documented fifteen ideas for creating an indoor garden.

Plants can instantly brighten up your space. From purifying your indoor air to providing positive energy and freshness, houseplants improve both your mental and physical health. You can choose the right plants, the right planters and the right places to increase the beauty of your interior tenfold.

Because it is easier to decorate most rooms in the house, some rooms often go unused or unused. One of these few areas is under the stairs, which is often considered the barren space best suited for storage only. It can be one of the best indoor garden areas that won’t disturb you and still give you all the benefits of an indoor garden. To help you decorate your under the stairs area beautifully, we have listed various ideas that you can implement to create an under the stairs garden.

A pebble garden

An easy garden to create and manage is a pebble garden. All you need is a bunch of pebbles and spread them around your base. The size of the pebbles can vary, i.e. H. small, medium and large, they can even be colorful and you can arrange them in color to make the room visually appealing. If the area is large, you can create a raised bed or arrange planters of different sizes and shapes depending on the interior design of the house and the requirements of the plants. You can create different patterns with the stones and change them again and again to enhance the interior of your home.

A Zen garden

A Zen garden, also called a Japanese rock garden, is known for encouraging contemplation and relaxation. You can highlight the two basic ingredients, sand and rock. Since it is meant to be small and surrounded by walls, it is perfect for one of the indoor garden ideas. In a bowl-shaped, wide planter or container, you can place a smaller container upside down and fill the rest of the space with sand, or you can even fill the entire container or planter with sand. You can arrange river stones or different types of stones in a beautiful pattern. Fill the rest of the surface with sand and create motifs of your choice. You can grow a bonsai or other small care plants in designer planters that match your interior design.

A mini jungle

To make the most of your unused space under the stairs, grow a mini jungle. If the space under the stairs is large, you can create a small pond by making a small pit in your built space and filling it with water. It can be surrounded by a mini flower bed where you can grow flowers, ferns, shrubs and palm trees if the stairs are sufficiently high. You can also add a few decorative planters and, depending on the weather conditions, grow succulents and cacti or mint, herbs and fruits to use daily. Plants like calathea, dieffenbachia, snake plant, dragon tree, and peace lily are best suited for an indoor mini jungle because of their size and shape of leaves.

A container garden

If you like to redecorate from time to time by moving furniture and adding additional decorative pieces or growing multiple houseplants in your home, a container garden is one of the best indoor gardening areas. Growing plants in a container means you can easily move them to different rooms or even outside if necessary. You can also purchase beautiful containers or planters that will really complement your home’s interior design. For indoor container gardening, you can purchase plants that do not require much sunlight such as bromeliad, Chinese periwinkle, cast iron plant, dracaena, English ivy, maidenhair fern and parlor palm, etc.