Space-Saving Folding Bar Ideas For Outdoors

Summer is in full swing and we are all spending our time outdoors as much as possible. If you have an outdoor area – large or small – you need a bar! There are several ways to build an outdoor bar, and you can accommodate one even in a small space. You can opt for a Murphy’s bar, which is traditional, or try an outdoor/indoor bar. Here you will find some ideas and examples to try out – get inspired!

Outdoor/indoor bar
The coolest idea if it suits your home is organizing an outdoor/indoor bar. The idea is this: make a large window in the kitchen – sliding, folding, elevating or whatever you like, and then attach a bar counter to the outside. Place a few cool stools and voilà, you have a cool bar! Make your outdoor space more lively with potted plants and flowers, add various decorations and maybe cover the bar to protect yourself from too much sun. Keep your outdoor bar in the same style as your indoor spaces and add decorative accents. Enjoy your stay there and enjoy drinks!

Lack of space is the most common modern problem when decorating and designing and can make both challenging. We are constantly looking for space-saving solutions, and when we talk about outdoor areas, I know a great solution: folding furniture! Foldable parts can be easily folded and taken with you when you don’t need them. I have prepared some cool examples for you, let’s take a look.

Anyone outdoors needs something to drink, so a bar is a must. Make a foldable or so-called Murphy bar. It can be opened to mix cocktails and closed when not needed. Such poles can be made from wood or pallet wood with the help of a chain or rope. The former is more durable and can even support heavy spinning tops.