Stylish And Inspiring Blue And White Kitchens

Blue and white is the dreamiest and most universal color scheme for decorating your home, and it suits literally every style and theme. If you ask me, there isn’t a better color scheme for a kitchen than this: it can be high contrast or soft and neutral and will easily complement whatever style you have. Plus, blue is the color of the year 2023 and it’s sure to make your space edgy! How do you get this color scheme right? Let’s see.

color scheme
As with any other color scheme, you can make it high contrast and very bold or very neutral and soft. If you love bold and contrasting looks, go for navy blue or midnight blue in combination with fresh white tones, and if you want a soft look with a coastal feel, go for lighter shades of blue or even powder blue and white or cream. Such a color scheme can be spiced up and made bolder with some other colors for example gray or black for drama, red for a nautical touch, green for a coastal look and of course bright metallic colors mainly brass and gold to make the space very elegant and chic.