The combination of yellow and purple in the interiors

The combination of yellow and purple in the interior
Everyone strives to create a harmonious atmosphere in their home. And by far not the last place is the interior design. The easiest way to make the interior of a house or apartment boring and original is to use an interesting combination of bright colors. One of them is a combination of purple and yellow. These colors themselves are very spectacular and bright, so you need to plan their combination well in decoration and furniture. When designing a yellow-purple interior, a sense of proportion is important. Otherwise, you can get a room that is perfect for the cover of a glossy design magazine, but it will be difficult to stay in this room for a long time.

The perception is a combination of yellow and purple
The combination of yellow and purple is often used in the interior. These colors are complementary and complement each other perfectly, balancing the interior. The yellow color in the interior symbolizes optimism, youth and warmth. Violet, on the other hand, perceives most people as mysterious, stressful for the psyche and, to a certain extent, dangerous. From this we can conclude that when designing the interior, the yellow color should be used as the basis, the background and the color purple to create contrasting accents. Although there may be exceptions. A purple-yellow color combination is not suitable for decorating a bedroom, the main purpose of which is relaxation and rest. Since such an interior is at least quite beautiful and spectacular, it is difficult to perceive and intense.