Window Plant Shelves Are Trending and We Can See Why

Plants truly add unparalleled detail to your home. Whether they’re on an elegant bookshelf or next to a freestanding tub, one thing is certain: green foliage and light go hand in hand – so of course a window plant shelf is the perfect solution to show them off.

Whether it’s in the bedroom, hallway, or even the office, creating a space to display your ever-growing collection of greens is a foolproof way to boost not only the aesthetics of your space, but also your happiness.

But first, think about what types of plants you have and whether or not they prefer a lot of light. Aloes and all other desert flora thrive in maximum light – as do jade plants and fig trees – while the hardier snake or prayer plants survive without much sunlight. By positioning it front and center, it’s important to once again ensure that whatever plants are on your window shelf will love their new, sun-filled home.