Japanese garden ideas

It’s no surprise that interest in Japanese garden ideas is growing rapidly as we’re all looking for ways to create a truly tranquil and relaxing outdoor space. Known for their tea gardens, tranquil rock and gravel areas, and bamboo water features, it’s easy to see why Japanese gardens fascinate so many, but there are plenty of other clever design ideas that we can discover and take advantage of.

Historically, Japanese gardens have been created for many different purposes, each with their own characteristics and characteristics. The surrounding teahouses were intimate retreats away from the hustle and bustle of the streets and everyday life, while strolling gardens were meant for quiet contemplation and discovery through movement. Dry gardens of raked gravel and choice stones were meant to be viewed rather than physically explored, and courtyard gardens were the precursor to today’s indoor-outdoor living. Each fascinating in its detail and importance, we can incorporate many of the same design ideas into our own spaces, regardless of their size, shape or appearance.

With so many standout plants including stately bamboo, fiery maples and exquisite lilies and azaleas, it’s hard to resist adding some Japanese style to your garden. But how do you do it right and not overdo it with the dramatic plants and features? We spoke to top designers and experts for their tips and advice so you can bring some Japanese garden ideas to your own plot with confidence.