Creative and Engaging Designs Featuring Pallet Shelves

We continue to share some ideas on what you can do with your old pallets, and today’s roundup is dedicated to storage units – freestanding and wall shelves, as well as shelving units for any room. To build shelves you will first need to disassemble your pallets and then use that wood to make shelves. Pallet shelves add a rustic feel to any room and can be used anywhere – even if your space is not rustic, most decor styles will suit a rustic piece. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Wall shelves
Break down your pallets for wood and build a piece that fits your space! It can be a bathroom shelf with towels, toilet paper and some space for potted plants or a piece of art (decor is great for small spaces too!), it can be a convenient place shelf for your kitchen or a multi-tiered wine rack for bottles and even a holder for glasses and other things. Create a convenient entryway shelf to store caps and hats and have hooks for clothes and bags. If you have a child, make some bookshelves for the child’s room and paint them a light shade. Stain and paint the shelves to your liking to perfectly match your space.