Backyard Pergola Ideas for Instant Style and Shade

When your outdoor space feels comfortable, functional, and stylish, you’re bound to spend more time enjoying the fresh air. There are countless ways to create a dreamy backyard design with a pergola – whether you prefer a rustic, vine-covered wooden pergola or a simple structure combined with modern garden furniture. Use the garden feature to shade an outdoor dining table, set up a cozy conversation nook, or protect a walkway. From small gardens to expansive patio designs, we’ve rounded up enchanting pergola ideas to elevate your outdoor space and prepare it for outdoor entertaining.

“Apart from its practicality, a pergola also offers a certain level of charm and attainable luxury,” says Kendra Poppy, trend expert at Yardzen – an online landscape designer. ‚ÄúPergolas have been around for a while and we don’t think they’ll go away anytime soon. Although it’s a simple structure, it can make your garden feel more like a destination – a place you want to stay for a while.”

As you browse these images for inspiration, you’ll find that there are many options – from modern fiberglass pergolas to traditional wood, metal, and more affordable vinyl options. Poppy’s Advice: “Before you decide on a pergola, consider your budget, style preferences and maintenance requirements (wood requires more). Luckily we have easy DIY ideas (think small wooden structures) as well as luxurious add-ons with shade sails, pull-out screens and beautiful outdoor lighting. Start scrolling to find a favorite!