Wood Slat Accent Wall Ideas for a Stylish Focal Point in Any Room

Speaking of home renovation, accent walls are very popular for any room and there are many ideas that need to be implemented: wallpaper, paint, panels and one of the most unusual current ideas – wooden slats. Accent walls made of wood slats or just walls are a great idea for a modern, minimalist or mid-century modern interior.

They look organic in many rooms, from bathrooms to bedrooms, and never go out of style as wood is always in style. They give the room a fresh and edgy atmosphere while giving it a natural and cozy touch and maintaining the style.

Contemporary and minimalist spaces
Minimalist spaces are often perceived as cold and unwelcoming, but you can warm them up with a wooden slatted wall, even just one. The same goes for clean, modern rooms – a wooden slatted wall not only makes this room cozier, but also adds structure and therefore interest.

Opt for vertical slats stained in different shades – stained slats suit a modern room better and make it more inviting. If you are looking for a very clean and elegant look, a whitewashed or even white wood slat accent wall is also great.